Sunday, January 1, 2012

Dealing with Freeloaders

In response to 2nd advice question on page:,0,3326103.column

Dear Amy:  Sarcasm is definitely your strength, though not necessarily what a sensitive, caring person, like An Irritated Hostess, needs to hear.  Honestly, the Hostess and Host really need to get on the same page.   Instead of worrying about what her husband may not do, she should be discussing the situation with him, not you; after all that is what a marriage is all about!   In terms of the freeloader, yes, his time is up, and he is taking advantage of their kindness.  Allowing him to hang around with zero responsibilities is detrimental not just to this family, but to himself!   This freeloader needs to grow up and become self-sufficient (not dependent on others)!  Do they need to give this person a deadline?  Absolutely!   They should stick to that date, and change their locks.      

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